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17 April – 28 May 2017 Cost £-----

Developing Emotional Intelligence in Puppies

Aimed at vets and vet nurses.

Many veterinary practices see the importance of preventing behaviour problems and run traditional puppy classes. These can be beneficial, but veterinary practices are in a position to offer a unique service, which aims to protect the mental health of canine patients by teaching owners how to develop emotional intelligence in their puppies.

The aim of this veterinary CPD course is to produce emotionally balanced puppies who are able to cope with life and adapt to the veterinary environment.
This course provides the underpinning knowledge to be able to run emotional intelligence classes and on completion delegates can opt to attend a two day face-to-face practical course which will provide veterinary staff with the practical skills to set up and run classes as DEIP tutors. Participants will receive ongoing CPD opportunities.

Course Content (15 HOURS OF CPD):

Module 1 – Understanding canine social organisation and communication
Module 2 – Canine emotion and body language
Module 3 – Development of puppies
Module 4 – Learning Theory/Dog Law
Module 5 – Tools of the trade – equipment, nutritional approaches and pheromones
Module 6 – Putting it all into practice


There will be a short multiple-choice test at the end of the first five modules and a more in depth assessment at the end of module six, which will cover material from all of the modules.

Course format:

Exclusively online with specially recorded webinars, plus debate in the participant’s forum with access to the tutor. Completion Certificate for participants that complete the course.

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Developing Emotional Intelligence in Puppies