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Nominated for Practice Of The Year

Practice of the Year Nominee

We are delighted to announce that Behavioural Referrals have been nominated for the Pet Plan “Practice Of The Year”

If you would like to see more information on this and other awards please visit Pet Plan Awards.

Blue Dog

The Blue Dog Program is the recipient of the 2017 WSAVA Global One Health Award.
This award recognizes exemplary service by an individual in promoting the global One Health concept, particularly in relation to the importance of small companion animals. Recipients are selected Read more...

Dog bites to children

The death of a four-year-old boy in late 2009, following an attack by a relative’s dog in Liverpool, caused justifiable outrage in the local community and fear and concern amongst parents of small children across the North West. Read more...

Keeping cats happy in multi-cat households

Many cats that live together are in separate social groups, and it is very stressful for them to have to share resources. Cats are solitary feeders and find communal feeding very difficult (hence the tense and alert ear position of the cats in the photograph). Read more...

One to one training

Behavioural Referrals Veterinary Practice is now offering a new one-one training service. This service is only for dogs with training problems that do not require a full behavioural assessment by our veterinary surgeons. Read more...

Scared of fireworks

These days fireworks are not restricted to the 5th November, you are likely to hear them at festivals, parties, ceremonies and various other events throughout the year. As a result, our pets are being subjected to loud noises and bangs throughout the year. Read more...

Pulling on the lead

Dogs may pull on the lead due to excitement, unintentional learning or anxiety. Exciting places can be made more boring by carrying out basic training at the “fun” destination and not always allowing your dog off lead to play. You can also change the route that you take to the favourite place to try and avoid the route becoming a predictor. Read more...

Mental Stimulation VS Physical Stimulation

Lack of stimulation, both mental and physical, is a major contributor towards common behavioural problems in dogs. The importance of mental stimulation and making dogs work for food is often underestimated. A Kong stuffed with tasty food turns a safe toy into a stimulating and complex food dispenser keeping dogs amused for hours. Simple fillers include smearing peanut butter, cream cheese or marmite inside the cavity of the Kong. Read more...

Fun at the vets

All too frequently, owners find themselves struggling to take their reluctant dog into the veterinary practice for treatment. For cat owners, the difficulty often begins with getting the cat into the carrier at home. From an animal’s perspective, a vet practice can be a frightening place. Every time they visit, something painful or intrusive may happen. The environment is also full of novel and unique sights, sounds and smells which pets can find threatening. Read more...