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Session Six

12th December 2017 9.30am 4.30pm Cost 249.00

Exploring the complexity of the dog bite issue and the important role of the general veterinary practice

  • Danielle Greenberg BVSc MRCVS
  • Sarah Heath BVSc DipECAWBM(BM) CCAB MRCVS, RCVS and European Veterinary Specialist in Behavioural Medicine (Companion Animals)
  • Other speakers to be confirmed

This one day course will bring together speakers from the diverse backgrounds of law, general veterinary practice, paediatric medicine, veterinary behavioural medicine and the police to explore the complex subject of dog bites and the role of optimising the dog-owner relationship as an effective tool in their prevention. The general veterinary practice is affected both directly and indirectly by the issue of dog bites and has a crucial role to play in reducing the incidence both in the veterinary practice and in the home and the wider community. The small animal veterinary practice is dependent on dog ownership and the issue of dog bites not only results in trauma for human and canine individuals but also threatens the role of dogs in our society. This course aims to increase awareness of the impact of dog bite incidents on those who are bitten and on the owners of the dogs involved. In addition, the course will explore the various factors involved in dog bite cases and improve understanding in the veterinary community of the ways in which they can help to prevent them.