About us

About us

Positive Puppy Education and Training is run by Behavioural Referrals Veterinary Practice. Our courses are designed through the experience of working with dogs with emotional disorders with the aim of preventing future problems. ​ You never get the first few essential months of your puppy’s life back and so we aim to support you through this period to help set your puppy up for life in our human world. We only use positive training methods which are important to help build a strong bond between you and your puppy.

Puppy Apprenticeship Scheme

A course of 4 individual consultations tailored to meet the needs of both you and your puppy. We can help with problems at home, or accompany you on those first few walks to support you through them. Do you think you and your puppy would benefit from one to one training? Would you like to help train your puppy without the distractions of a class environment? We are offering a course of individual consultations tailored to meet the needs of both you and your puppy.

The scheme includes Four one-to-one sessions (held either remotely or at our clinic in Chester) Three months telephone support and a Puppy pack


Training Classes

We offer 2 levels of puppy classes, Positive Puppy Training, Follow On Training, and Advanced Follow On Training. Our puppy classes aim to provide the fundamental training that helps build your puppies confidence and awareness for you to use in real-life situations. We only ever use positive based training methods to do this, therefore allowing you to understand the emotional driver behind the behaviours your puppy is showing.

Puppy Training

A six-week puppy course aiming to teach you an understanding of dog behaviour and communication, whilst teaching your puppy how to interact with dogs and people in an appropriate manner.


Follow On Puppy Training

Our follow on course continues from either our puppy training classes or our puppy apprenticeship scheme. We offer you support whilst continuing with the basic training from our puppy classes. We tailor each course to the individual needs of the class, however we generally cover self control, recall and emergency stops as well as the beginnings of confidence building agility.


Very Important Puppy Platinum Package

Do you want the best for your new addition? Would you like to know that you have support for those first few vital months with your puppy? We are offering an exclusive package to give you the best start for your new puppy.

The scheme includes a one hour remote appointment or a one-to-one session at our centre in Chester, Puppy classes, Follow on classes and a Positive Puppy Pack