Services offered to your practice

Behavioural Advice Subscription Service (BASS)

This service provides veterinary practice professionals with behavioural medicine support from the clinical team here at Behavioural Referrals veterinary Practice, via telephone and e-mail. 

Membership for the scheme is available at three different levels providing slightly different levels of support:


  • General behavioural medicine advice via telephone and email.
  • Condition specific advice e.g. anxiety/ canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome etc.
  • Support from the clinical team (vets or rehabilitation trainers)


  • Case specific advice via telephone and email support from the clinical team (vets or rehabilitation trainers). *Video analysis NOT included.


  • More in depth case specific advice and video analysis relating to the case.
  • A full annual stress audit for your practice (face to face within 150 mile radius of Chester inclusive in cost. Additional costs will be involved for face to face beyond that distance or remote can be arranged. A member of the clinical team would come and perform an assessment of the day to day running of the practice and common routines, and give some advice on the improvement of this from a behavioural perspective.