About Us

A referral service in behavioural medicine

Behavioural Referrals is a veterinary practice dealing exclusively with behavioural medicine cases. All cases are seen on referral from general veterinary practices and are approached from a veterinary medicine perspective.

  • Behavioural Referrals believes that teamwork is the key to success and we work very closely with the caregiver, the referring vet and the pet to offer practical solutions.
  • Once the cause of the behavioural problem has been identified and the initial behavioural treatment plan has been designed, the team of rehabilitation skills coaches will be actively involved in helping you carry out the programme.
  • Follow up support is crucial to the success of behavioural treatment.

The first consultation is held with a veterinary surgeon who will spend time identifying the underlying emotions that are causing the behavioural signs.

Sometimes pain or medical problems can also be involved in behavioural cases and the veterinary surgeon will be able to assess these factors as well.

Behavioural Referrals will then liaise with the general veterinary practice over any necessary medical tests and any treatment for medical conditions.

Our veterinary surgeons will establish a management and treatment programme based on the emotional diagnosis and will tailor this to you and your pet.